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  Funded by the Province of BC - http://www.ccrr.bc.ca/

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Please feel free to phone 250-762-3536.

Are you....

  • Working or attending school full or part time?
  • Having difficulty finding suitable child care?
  • Needing child care in your own neighbourhood or close to work?

For free child care provider referrals, please contact us in one of the following ways:

1.  Phone: 250-762-3536  Ext. 202
2.  Email: 
[email protected]
3.  Website (to view a list of child care providers, scroll to the bottom)


We will need the following information from you to enable us to search our database of child care providers.

  • Your name, address, phone number and e-mail address or fax number if applicable.
  • How many children you require care for.
  • Birthdates and gender of child(ren).
  • The location where you would prefer the child care facility.
  • Approximate start date for the child care. 
  • If you have school age children who will need to be dropped off or picked up from school, then we will require the school they are attending.
  • Does your child require extra support?
  • Where you heard about our service.
  • And anything else you feel is important in your search for quality child care.


Parents who are looking for childcare can complete the form below and submit to obtain a list of child care facilities in their area that will meet their needs.    Our website does not include all of our membership as some have chosen to not have their program listed.  For more detailed information on each program (including email addresses, qualifications, etc.) please contact the office either by phone or email.  The purpose of our online referrals is to give parents access to child care names during office closures.   

Statement of Parental Responsibility
The Child Care Resource and Referral Program is a support and referral service for families and child care providers.  The names of the child care providers are provided to families by request and are in no way a recommendation of the service provided by the particular care provider.  The parent(s) has the responsibility for ensuring that the child care arrangement ultimately chosen is suitable for the family's needs. 


Terms of Use
Use of the services of the Child Care Resource and Referral Program is voluntary.  If a family chooses to use any of the services, the family expressly agrees: 

~ To assume any and all risks involved in the selection of the child care arrangement;
That the Child Care Resource and Referral Program staff and Board of Directors are not responsible for the choice of child care, and
That staff and Board of Directors of the Child Care Resource and Referral Program are excluded from any and all liability for negligence arising in connection with the referral services provided, and/or the actions of any child care provider selected by the parent.


West Kelowna
Lakeview Heights/Rose Valley
East/South Kelowna
Winfield/Lake Country
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Age Group:
Under 1
Between 1 and 2 years
Between 2 and 3 years
Between 3 and 5 years
6 years and up
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  Days of the week care is needed:
Monday to Friday
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  Type of child care needed:
Registered License Not Required Family Child Care (RLNR)
Providers care for their own children plus up two other children that are not related to them in their own home. Each Registered Care Provider must complete all BC government standards associated with the CCRR Program before providing care. view standards: http://kelownachildcare.ca/trellis/startingchild
Licensed Family Child Care
Provision of care in the licensee's own home to children aged from birth to 12 years old. A maximum of 7 children are permitted in Family Child Care, including the licensee's own children under 12 years of age.
Group Child Care-1 (under 36 months of age)
Provision of care in a group day care setting for children aged from birth to 36 months old.
Group Child Care-2 (30 months to school age)
Provision of care in a group day care setting for children aged from 30 months to the age they enter school.
Preschool (30 months to school age)
Provision of care to children aged from 30 months to school age, not more than 4 hours per day.
Group Child Care-3 (school age)
Provision of care to school aged children, including kindergarten, before and after school hours and during school holidays.
Occasional Child Care
Provision of care to children who are at least 18 months of age and who have not entered Grade 1, for no more than 40 hours in a calendar months.
Multi-Age Child Care
Provision of care to children of various ages.
In-Home Multi-Age Child Care
Provision of care in the license's own home to children of various ages to a maximum of 8 children. Must have Early Childhood Education.
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  School Transportation needed:

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