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-- Networking For Care Providers --

All About Networking

Networking provides many opportunities for care providers to:

Relax and have fun, Share resources and ideas, Participate in group discussion, Share and celebrate successes, Access the toy lending library, Connect and build relationships with fellow care providers,
Have use of the photocopier and laminator (small fee),
Brainstorm and reflect on challenges, guidance, child development, nutrition and health & safety

Listed below are network opportunities available for care providers.
We make every effort to have accurate up-to-date information so be certain to check back often. 

July 14,  2014

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


~ Presenter Monica Tomlin, CCRR Program Consultant, ECE, I/T, S/N ~

Member Cost:  


2 Hour Certificate

For: Child Care Providers
Come explore all the many wonders of wind, weather and more in the thematic night. We will explore and discover the many seasons of weather and what we can do with the children in your care. Each participant will receive an activity package and create some resources to use in your program, or with your children, the next day.
Please bring or email an activity / song related to weather. We will share and create another great resource as a group.  

Location: Kelowna Child Care Society Office, #4 - 1890 Ambrosi Road

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