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Workshops in our community and area. 


    Okanagan College Continuing Studies    

For more information on these workshops visit their website:






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    Kelowna Parenting    

To learn more visit www.KelownaParenting.com   




Raising Respectful Resourceful and Responsible Children  8 week evening course:
My Tween and Me: Understanding the Dynamics of Parent – Tween (7-12 year olds) Relationships
Supporting Student Success  One night workshop:  
“Tired of the Struggle!?”…..  and other Parent Workshops 5-8 morning sessions planned for this Fall 

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The Bridge
Parenting Education Workshops 


Visit their website for information on all of their workshops.





The Bridge Parent Education Workshops

~ Bridging the Gap Building Parent—Teen Relationships~
~Parenting Young Children~
~Beyond the Hurt: Preventing Peer Harassment & Bullying Among Children/Youth~
~Becoming An Askable Adult Sexual Health Knowledge~
~Strengthening Your Step/Blended Family~
~Understanding Temperament Finding the Way to Family Harmony~

For more information or to register please call 250-763-0456 or visit us at 1829 Chandler Street.
















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